June 12, 2024

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Are Our Priorities Wrong? – We Are at War With Our Health and Don’t Seem to Care

Our wonderful, exciting modern world and all of its technological advancements is silently at war. Not the guns, tanks, missiles and bombs kind of war. The enemy here is unseen, silent and stalking members of our society right on our doorstep underneath our very noses and we do little to discourage it.

That enemy is ‘modern chronic disease’ a common enemy amongst the world’s population more deadly than any proper ‘war’ in the history of mankind. It is predicted to claim close to 400 million lives within the next decade – premature and preventable deaths from self inflicted ‘lifestyle’ disease.

The main causes of this tragedy are our lazy no exercise lifestyles and the poor quality highly processed so called ‘food’ we shovel into our mouths every single day. A decline in our global health has been steadily taking place since World War II and has now reached the magnitude of an epidemic with millions of people afflicted with totally preventable diseases. Killers like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and dozens of others that are equally deadly.

It is a sad state that the victims of this war have to endure painful, crippling conditions that slowly suck the life force from them while their families and friends have to stand by and witness it, helpless to be able to do anything.

We somehow think doctors and the medical establishment is there to help us if disease should strike but the reality is no doctor, drug or surgical procedure can return a broken human body back to how it should be – strong, lean healthy and well regardless of age.

These diseases do not just happen out of the blue. They take years (even decades) smoldering away hidden until they reach a point where there are health issues and symptoms. Only then can the problem be diagnosed and if lucky can be managed with drugs and medical care often leaving the victim with a much lowered quality of life for the remainder of their life.

When we continue to violate basic health principals with our no exercise lifestyles and shocking food quality it is no surprise that it ends up in tears. Even if we do not get some dreaded disease we still suffer every day. Low energy, not feeling ‘well’, tired, listless, and apathetic and no motivation to be active – many of us can barely get through the day.

How can our standards have slipped so low? We humans, intelligent, smart and clever but we can not even take care of our own health and wellness. What is missing here, how can we have been so negligent of our health? And to think we are passing this situation on to future generations is beyond comprehension.

Fifty percent of us have one of these chronic ‘lifestyle’ diseases and many more have multiple conditions, and two thirds of us are overweight. Not a pretty picture is it, yet is so easy to reverse this but will we even bother?

Two simple things are necessary – proper strength training exercise to keep the muscular system strong so the body has the hormones it needs to stay well and healthy and ditching as many processed ‘dead’ foods as possible to reduce the intake of harmful chemicals, unhealthy sugars and fats that stomp on our immune system.

How hard is this to a race of people that can put man on the moon, watch on video as we talk to someone of the other side of the world, or make computers that can do amazing things? Our priorities seem ‘out of whack’ as surely common sense should tell us that without us being alive everything else is rendered useless.