July 18, 2024

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Are You Digging Yourself Into an Early Grave by Being Overweight?

Apart from the fact that your body will be in a better shape and you will feel good about yourself if you lose weight, there are a lot of health reasons that you can benefit from if you decide to shed off the extra pounds off your body.

Diabetes is one of the most obvious reasons why one needs to take care of their body and get healthier. A lot of people across the world have issues with diabetes, and this disease alone can come with a lot of health problems. Do you know that diabetes is the number one cause for blindness? Scary isn’t it? It is also a major cause of kidney disease. As if that was not enough, your chances of having heart disease and suffering a stroke are increased by 400{1bba59ef0f837d981c3bbc138a719a91ccf1421d7c126b09b2d5ffa1685c30db} when you have diabetes.

If that was not enough to make you take notice, I really do not know what will. For men, it can hit them where it hurts the most, it can cause erectile dysfunction!

High blood cholesterol and high blood pressure are also prevalent with people who are overweight.

People are overweight for a number of different reasons, but the bottom line is that affects our health in a very negative way, not forgetting the way it affects how we feel about ourselves.

Some people look at weight loss as this huge thing that will bring a lot of inconvenience in their lives, but it does not have to be that way. All it takes, is just to change some simple lifestyle habits, and you will be well on your way. Even the smallest drop in weight can make a huge difference to your health, and it would be well worth the effort. And all it takes is a few step in the right direction, changing some eating habits and start moving some more.

Here is another interesting bit of information, you are more likely to snore if you are overweight. This is caused by the fatty tissues that are located at the back of your throat that tend to block your breathing passage when you are lying down. Yes you guessed right, there will be no proper rest for you, so do not be surprised if you are low on energy levels.

When people start to feel tired, they might be tempted to eat some more, in the hope of boosting their energy levels. This will only add to the weight issues that one is facing, consuming more calories and not burning them leads to more weight gain.

Some one who is overweight can win their weight loss battle, all they have to do is to want it, and start small. Even just walking will make a difference. Simple things like taking stairs instead of the lift will burn some calories, parking away from the mall entrance, eating healthy foods that consist mostly of fruits and vegetables instead of junk food.

I lost over 15 pounds without diets or pills, simply by changing lifestyle habits. I just cut down on my alcohol, started eating healthier foods and started exercise just 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week. It was nothing major and it did not feel like a huge shift in my life. If anything, it felt great because I was feeling energized, and when I started dropping the pounds, I felt great.

If you take care of your body now, it will definitely take care of you later – that is a guarantee.