May 16, 2024

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Chakras and Reiki: Healing the Root Chakra

A chakra is an energy centre located on the energetic body that corresponds to the physical body. A chakra is like a spinning disc of energy. Each of the seven major chakras on your body relates to specific spiritual, emotional and physical energies. Knowledge of chakras can help you with your healing practice by understanding your patient’s pattern of development. This article provides the characteristics of the root chakra in its balanced, unbalanced, excessive and deficient states. During healings, it’s helpful to be aware of the primary developmental issues that take place in each chakra. Combined with your intuition, you can interpret your patient’s primary needs for healing.

Now, just because the picture featured on my profile page shows where the chakras are located, is that sufficient for you to believe in something you have never seen? If you want to prove it to yourself, deep meditation will heighten your awareness of chakras far beyond what can be explained in these pages. If you try to use science and technology to prove or disprove the existence of chakras you may come up empty handed. The most powerful technology available that I know of is meditation. Join a meditation course sitting in noble silence for several days and your chakras will become as obvious to you as your eyes, ears and nose. In the meantime, read this chapter and you’ll see many amazing parallels between the chakras and the Western model of psychological development. Many of the characteristics and issues in this article are derived from Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith. She provides a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between chakras and major trends in psychology including Freud, Piaget and Maslow. I highly recommend her book for future reading as you progress along your healing path.

The Root Chakra

Your root chakra begins to develop while you are still in the womb. It connects you to your family and environment. The primary issues of this chakra include self-preservation, getting enough to eat and feeling safe. The root chakra is concerned with physical identity, relates to the earth element and provides proper grounding. When healing others, place your hands on their hipbones or a respectful distance away from the genital area. The primary characteristics and issues related to the root chakra are listed below.

Location: Base of spine (perineum)

Healing Color: Red

Element: Earth


Age of Development: 2nd trimester up to12 months

Personal Rights: To be here and to have

Related Physical Organs: Bowels, large intestine, legs, feet


Balanced Characteristics: Stability, sense of trust, safety and security

Symptoms of Deficiency: Fearful, anxious, restless, poor discipline

Symptoms of Excess: Obesity, fear of change, addiction to security


Emotional Traumas: Abandonment, neglect, family issues

Healing Practices: Yoga, grounding, review childhood experience

Positive Affirmation: The earth supports me and fulfils my needs.

During a healing with Anthony, I was giving Reiki to his root chakra. Intuitively, the thought of beef popped into my mind. I asked him how often he ate beef, which was quite frequently. With further inquiry, he explained his digestive and elimination troubles. Combining knowledge of the chakra system with my intuitive awareness of a “beef issue,” I suggested that he gradually decrease his consumption of beef. A few weeks later, he reported greatly improved digestion and elimination, feeling better with less beef in his system. This allowed his body to work more efficiently and release accumulated toxins from his system. Reiki, in conjunction with intuition and life style change, helped him improve his own health.

Since this chakra is concerned with the bowels and elimination, it’s not surprising when a patient reports diarrhea after a thorough healing of the root chakra. Diarrhea is the body’s own cleansing system working to eliminate both physical and emotional wastes that have accumulated in the body. I remember one woman in Peru who I gave Reiki to one evening just before she was going to the pub. Later, she blamed me for causing diarrhea and she couldn’t party that night. Maybe I should have been more selective with the timing of her healing session.

Be aware of the characteristics of the root chakra as you conduct self-healing and healing for others. This article will support you to gain greater insights into the healing process.

For complete information on all the chakras along with photos, please review my book, “Personal Transformation through Reiki.”