May 16, 2024

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Combining Reiki With Other Healing Types

Reiki is the Japanese art of healing utilizing our spiritual and mental capabilities by the palms. Generally used as a secondary procedure and mishmash it with other healing methods, Reiki can accelerate the healing process and at the same time assist the patient and attain inner relaxation and reduced stress which can further speed up the curing stage. Combination of different health restoration techniques may not only hasten the mending progression but also offers more possibilities of being cured. It saves time, compared to when you try out different methods one at a time.

Of course, the first combination that comes to mind is Reiki and the scientific way of healing and surgery. A large population of surgical doctors and medical practitioners employ Reiki healing as an attached healing mode after a major or even a minor surgery or a long bout of illness. Some holistic practitioners advise meditation through the Reiki meditation technique. Certain spas and massage establishments use heated rocks and place it in specific parts of the body in order to ease the body of tension and stress.

Massage with the Reiki palm approach can be coupled with aromatherapy – a branch of therapy that uses differences that have proven to have great soothing and energizing effect on the human nerves, speeding up the Reiki healing and relaxation process. The normal essences used are sandalwood, lavender, patchouli, and sage.

Relieving the body of toxins by the procedure called homeopathy is best partnered with the Reiki healing method. After the toxins have been secreted, Reiki brings in new energy needed by the body. This new types of energy brings in fresh power and zest, toxin-free. Your body will feel very refreshed and energized.

For those who prefer the organic approach, the use of natural treatments such as herbs and curative plants can best work with the Reiki healing process. Reiki facilitates the healing process thereby increasing its efficacy and quickness. Whatever treatment you opt for, when combined with Reiki, helps the body in more ways than one. Apart from the other benefits it brings, Reiki can help you achieve a deeper sleep, helping you recover faster and restore the body’s lost energy, at the same time help the body replace dead and damaged tissues and cells. So, when your body receives medication or any other type of treatment, it would be more receptive and it will react faster than when it is weak and sick and stressed.