June 23, 2024

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Does Reiki Work, and What’s This Rubbish About Distant Healing?

Here in the West we think of Reiki as a healing therapy, but its roots are in personal and spiritual development. The Reiki practitioner works with the universal energy flow and, through the power of intent, channels the energy to themselves or others.

So can anyone learn Reiki? Yes, anyone can be attuned to Reiki energy although there is not much to learn in the traditional sense of the word. A Reiki Master will attune you to the energy and symbols. There are many schools of Reiki and they all have slight different practices and routines, but somehow they are all effective. Normally though, there are three levels – one, two and three or Master level. At level one, the practitioner is connected to the Reiki energy and introduced to two of the symbols. At this level the practitioners will work on themselves and develop their link with the Reiki energy. They can also work hands-on with other people.

It is at Level 2 that the Distant Healing symbol is introduced. The Distant Healing symbol allows a connection to be made, over time and space with someone, or something. Many people find it incredible to think that someone can ‘send’ Reiki to another person in another room, or even a different country. Some people think it is impossible, and yet the truth is that it works and it can be as effective as hands-on treatments, which is good news for those who, for whatever reason cannot receive a treatment in person.

Reiki is an intelligent energy that always works for the highest good. When the Reiki practitioner sets the intention, through the use of the Distant Healing symbol, for the Reiki energy to flow, then it will. For example the energy can be directed toward an individual about to undergo a surgical treatment. The Reiki practitioner can set the intention for the surgery to be successful and for a speedy and pain-free recovery.

But it can also be sent into the future or the past toward a particular situation. This is extremely useful in many situations – when I need to attend a difficult meeting, I normally set Reiki energy the night before, so that it floods the room with positivity as I enter. But it can also be sent to the past, which can be a powerful way of helping to heal an earlier trauma.

Can I prove scientifically that Reiki Distant Healing works? No. Can I point to examples where I have sent and received Reiki energy over distance and time? Yes. Quantum physics is beginning to show that we are all connected in space and time and maybe some day we will be better able to understand this connection. In the meantime, I continue to use Reiki Distant Healing and to be amazed by the results.

Many situations are improved by Reiki energy, which always works for the highest good and promotes harmony and clarity. It is effective anywhere including in the home and at work and can even help to repair damaged relationships. Having said that, Reiki is an intelligent energy and will always deliver for the highest good, so sometimes the results may not be what you expected! They will though, always be the best for all parties.

So does Distant Healing work? Yes it does, and it is a very effective alternative to hands-on treatments.