July 18, 2024

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Green-Lipped Mussel Oil Supplementation – New Hope For Diabetes Sufferers?

Diabetes is a rampant, global health problem and its effects are serious and even life threatening. Imagine if choosing to take a simple health supplement like green-lipped mussel oil for diabetes could really make a difference in the degree of severity of the disease.

Surprisingly, it is now recognized by scientists and confirmed by studies that diabetes may very well be a biological reaction to long-term inflammation in the body and not just a simple problem of the pancreas being unable to do its job properly as in type 1 diabetes, or a resistance to insulin as with type 2 diabetes.

So, What IS Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s response to illness or attack. The first signs are pain, swelling or redness. This really is necessary, since it safeguards against harm and signals the brain that there’s a problem occurring somewhere in the body.

The big problem occurs when inflammation is present on a continual basis. This leads to the development of too much reactive oxygen which attacks healthy tissues. The primary trigger of persistent and chronic inflammation is bad nutritional practices, such as low quality diet and eating too much. Consuming foods loaded with simple sugars like fructose and sucrose and reduced consumption of antioxidant foods will tend to induce inflammation.

Inflammation means suboptimal health…

Research continues to point towards this whole body inflammation as the main cause of diabetic issues and several scientific tests have provided evidence that inflammation is unquestionably a big component of the process that brings about diabetes.

What this research has demonstrated over and over is that Western diets and particularly American dietary habits are undoubtedly the greatest factors in the risk for acquiring diabetes. For a long time period, doctors had thought that being obese was to blame for type 2 diabetes. However, the most recent info has confirmed that despite the fact that additional body fat was typical for those who developed the disease, it was not the primary trigger. The trigger was, indeed, chronic inflammation.

What You Can Do

It’s not all bad news though. Research has some good news too! It has also demonstrated that omega-3 essential fatty acids are incredibly helpful in reducing inflammation in the body.

In particular, the New Zealand green-lipped mussel oil was discovered to have a unique combination of omega-3 and omega-6 marine fats, along with other exclusive compounds, which ensure it is extremely effective and much more powerful than the top fish oils in putting out the fires of systemic inflammation.

This elevated effectiveness allows superior decrease in inflammation, obtained by using a considerably smaller sized dosage of mussel oil, as when compared with other fish oils.

Not only that, but it was found that higher omega-3 ingestion really improved fat metabolism. It also decreased obesity and type 2 diabetes by suppressing manufacturing of these inflammation sources in fat cells.

Increased consumption of omega-3s seems to throw a switch in the metabolic processes which allow the body to reduce excess fat cells. Also, reduced creation of inflammation-related agents leads to improved systemic blood insulin sensitivity.

This is certainly very good news for diabetes patients, as well as the general public. By raising consumption of the omega-3s present in green-lipped mussel oil, it appears the inflammation, which leads to diabetes and increases the severity of it, could be significantly lowered with this particular health supplement.