July 15, 2024

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Gymnastics on the Peninsula Recommended by Parents

Physical exercise is just as important for a child’s development as intellectual nurturing. Through sound physical education, children enjoy improved health, coordination, and increased self-confidence. Because of this, many parents believe that their children can benefit greatly from gymnastics. Peninsula kids have 3 highly-recommended gymnastics schools to choose from, as their parents can attest.

Peninsula Gymnastics

Parents love how much attention the instructors at Peninsula Gymnastics in San Mateo give their kids. Students get top-quality education and develop into excellent athletes, thanks to the structured classes being offered. While Peninsula Gymnastics focuses on grooming competition-level talent, the school throws gymnastics parties to liven things up for the kids. In fact, the only recurring complaint in the mostly-glowing reviews is the difficulty of parking in the area, which has nothing to do with the school’s fine gymnastics programs.

Peninsula Gymnastics was founded in 1995 by Ukrainian Master of Sport Mikhail Margulis. Its preschool program is open to toddlers aged 20 months to 3.5 years, with the participation of parents. Children aged 5 and up have the option of attending the rigorous competitive-level classes, or joining the lighter recreational-level program. Each program has received favorable reviews from parents, and many come with a five-star rating.

Gymtowne Gymnastics

Children and parents alike flip at their experiences with Gymtowne Gymnastics in South San Francisco. While some parents may object to the rather stringent rules the coaches enforce, others see their value in assuring the students’ safety. The coaches themselves are warm professionals who go the extra mile to build a good relationship with their students. The atmosphere is open and friendly, with the staff making kids feel at home, while the parents’ every concern is addressed professionally. It’s no wonder, then, that a good number of parents are sold on the free trial class the school offers prospective students.

Gymtowne Gymnastics has been providing top-notch training for over ten years. The school offers introductory programs for kids aged 1 to 5 years, and more advanced classes for children aged 6 and up. Classes can either be recreational for kids looking for some exercise, or competitive for those more serious about the sport. The school also offers classes for teens and adults aged 12 to 23, reinforcing the fact that it’s never too late to get into gymnastics.

Gold Star Gym

After moving from its original location at El Camino, Gold Star Gym in Mountain View has gotten bigger and better. Parents love the variety of classes available in its clean, well-ventilated facilities. Not only are kids exposed to traditional gymnastics activities such as the rings and uneven bars, but they also get to enjoy obstacle courses, arts and crafts, and parachute play. Classes may seem a little intense, especially for children aged 4 or younger, but the talented teaching staff get students to adapt fairly quickly. Kids eventually grow accustomed to the demands and develop into fine athletes. Some parents have had the misfortune of a few logistical errors, but the school is generally very well-organized and comes with encouraging recommendations.

Since its founding in 1996, Gold Star Gym has offered classes to individuals of all ages. Kids can start as soon as they can walk, participating in the school’s KinderStars program until they’re 3 years of age. Children can then move on to the MiniStars program, in which they practice gymnastics without their parents’ assistance. Promising students aged 4 to 8 may get invited to the Junior Olympic program, where they’ll undergo tough competition-level training, although recreational classes are also offered to first-graders and older. Eleven- to 18-year olds can join the Teens program, while those aged 16 and up can attend the Adult programs.