September 30, 2023

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Healing a Broken Relationship – How Communication Can Heal Your Relationship

Healing a broken relationship may be difficult but is very possible with the right approach. However, fixing your relationship depends on a number of things. Surprisingly, simple communication can heal your relationship when all seems hopeless. It does mean taking a chance and risking opening up and being honest about your feelings with the one you love, and this is not at all easy for many people.

One of the first things that needs to be looked at when attempting to fix your relationship is why it broke up or is struggling in the first place. Did one of you cross the line and cheat on the other? And why did it happen? Take heart, even in this situation, your relationship can be restored but it will require both of you to commit to working very hard to mend it and put things right.

Finding out why the unfaithfulness occurred is the first big step to healing. The underlying reason or cause needs to be dealt with and resolved before the couple can move on. Both parties played a part in this and there needs to be a real sense of having made a wrong choice and forgiveness and then a commitment to rebuild trust for these two people to heal over something like this.

If the reason your relationship is in trouble is because you have drifted apart then this may be easier to heal. Even so, it will still require a desire to make it work from both of you. Relationships can be neglected, not intentionally, but with daily pressures, and it is the little things that eat away at the relationship till a relatively small incident can break it quite easily.

When this has happened mending and rebuilding your relationship will require the two of you sitting down together and honestly evaluating what has gone wrong, taking care not to blame each other but openly and honestly admitting your own part in the break down between you. Once you both know what the issues are it can then be reasonably easy to find solutions that will mend bridges and work for both of you.

This is the difficult bit. Most people struggle with hearing about the things that they do or did, that were hurtful or did not make the relationship work and it would be easy to get defensive and angry with the other person. It is important at this time not to take anything personally but be willing to look at themselves and own up to things in themselves that would benefit from changing. This is a time for honestly sharing each one’s feelings and actively listening to the other person to identify the problems and then go on to find a way to resolve these problems so the relationship can move on and grow.

Only by doing this and taking the risk to open up and share in a non-confrontational way will you have any hope of rebuilding your relationship and taking it to the next level of intimacy and strength. Denying the issues will not make them go away, only your partner, and if you love them and desire a long-term relationship with them then you need to do the work. And if you love them, it will not be like drudgery, but instead, a labor of love.

Healing a broken relationship is not that difficult that two people who love each other cannot overcome it. They do need to be risk-takers and they do need to be open and honest with themselves and each other. You will find that communication can heal your relationship, or you can let the lack of good communication destroy it. It is still up to you. At the end of the day, do you want this relationship and what will you do to make it work?