July 18, 2024

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Healing Begins on the Soul Level

We all have healing issues, regardless if they are physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or a myriad of issues.

Dealing with these issues is a primary reason we chose to reenter the earth’s plane and reincarnate. It is the only dimension where we can settle issues from the past.

Our issues can be solved on other levels of existence, but it is a long and time consuming process, the best and quickest way to finally solve our challenges is to face up to them on the physical plane.

Jesus once said, “You must be born again.” In my opinion what that actually means is that we must comprehend and face our challenges while in a physical body by connecting with our God Source while living and walking on planet earth.

Many times, and rightfully so, we seek healing with the help of others. We consult doctors and many other professionals in the medical field. While this is all well and good and a sensible path to follow, they cannot heal us unless we want to be healed. No amount of the medicine in the world will cure our ills if we resist, and by the same token, if we truly desire to be healed, we need no medicine.

The body will heal itself if given the proper nutrition and guidance from the soul. The trick is to discover that guidance.

Healing begins on the soul level.

The body is a mirror of the soul, it only follows directions it receives from the Super Conscious, or our Christ Consciousness.

Our body is an expert on following directions, it always does what it is told to do by our subconscious.

When we go within and heal our spiritual wounds, whatever they may be the body is healed, when we resort to drugs or other methods, we are on working on the symptoms, and not the disease.

Regretfully, it can be a little more difficult than that, our minds have been ingrained with false teachings for so long, it is often difficult to change the patterns we have developed over many lifetimes.

It is a work in process, when the subconscious wounds are healed, the physical being feels the relief as well.

To get on the path of healing, we need to increase our awareness and vibration and align ourselves with the higher levels of our consciousness through meditation and contemplation. It is only then we will see a permanent healing with no return of the symptoms.

There is no easy way out, there is no pill that will permanently heal us, no medicine will heal the wounds of our soul, only we can do that.

The rewards are many, and well worth the time and effort.