July 15, 2024

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Healing Physical and Emotional Problems With Spiritual Power – Mind Body Healing

One of the greatest opportunities you have in your life is to get in touch with your higher self for healing. You can transform challenging emotions, physical ailments and difficulties, and negative thinking by making the connection with a part of yourself that is already whole and complete. Meditation and prayer can help you to maintain this awareness. You just need to have the intention to make contact with the healing power within you, and as you ask, it answers.

Here are a few techniques you can use to help you:

  • You can ask questions of your higher power, such as, “Is there any assistance I can have from my spiritual self? If so, how can I best be in touch with it”
  • You may want to ask for the assistance and support of a spiritual being, such as Jesus, the Divine Mother, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, or any other great spiritual inspiration. You might experience this support in the form of healing light, higher wisdom and guidance, love, and healing power.
  • Healing guides may come to assist. They have also been called “Divine Doctors” or “Inner Healers.” You might want to go within and experience yourself climbing up five stairs into a special inner room. There you can meet special healing guides who will make specific physical adjustments to your bodymind–such as removing headaches, altering tumors, smoothing out tense muscles. The possibilities are infinite.
  • You can ask for healing Light to come in various forms as you go within. Here are a few of them:

· A laser, which shines on a specific ailment or issue

· Streaming beams (like sunbeams) from the universe, bringing light to whatever your problem might be

· Beams from within the heart center, coming forth from within you to heal

· A whirling golden ball that begins at the top of the head and proceeds downward, cleansing all the chakras or energy centers

· A healing room full of light beams radiating from walls, floors, and ceiling

· A ray from the palm of your hand, which you can apply to any pain or difficulty

· Any other ideas you may have

  • You can work with healing water.

Because water is a great cleanser and preserver, it is ideal to use in mindbody healing. You can go within to a pond of healing water or a waterfall, water that is the perfect temperature and depth. The water brings relaxation and relief, and it washes away all difficulty, all pain, physical and emotional. After this, you can imagine coming out of the water into the radiant healing rays of the sun. The water can also wash over your physical body like a waterfall, cleansing away discomfort of any kind.

  • You may be able to handle pain and illness more easily by experiencing spiritual comfort through a transformed perspective. You may be able to understand the problems of your life in expanded ways, including having greater faith in the direction you’re going and where you’ve been, acceptance of whatever you need to handle as a process of learning, finding meaning and growth opportunities in illness, learning compassion, understanding the role of prayer in the healing process, and finding a way to transcend the experience of the body.

One of the greatest powers you have is to have the knowledge of how to work in alignment with your higher consciousness to heal your bodymind. It’s a wonderful gift that you’ve been given.