April 12, 2024

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Healing Spirituality and Finding God

The confusion about the Divine is tearing this world apart. The numerous versions of gods globally are enough to frighten anyone who is truly seeking answers. Many are switching from one form of worship to another as they search for the truth but, unfortunately, they are simply going from darkness to darkness. Disillusioned many then take the stand that there is no God and that the religions are all fake.

While the latter sentiment is correct the former one is wrong. There most certainly is a God but it is Spirit without physical form or sex. It was never a man and it never fathered a child. Isaiah 45:4-8 clearly states this. It also notes that there is no heaven or hell and that it alone creates evil and good. That contrasts to what religious teachers claim.

The idea of eternal rewards and punishment are strings to pull worshippers along like puppets. The first draws them in and the other is the guard on the door keeping them there. Many fear to think for themselves because of the threats taught to them.

These things combine to hide the Spirit and to protect those who are called back into the fold. These are the spiritual people who were created at the start of the time called the Day of the Lord. Since that time the ‘lord’ of the day has ruled over the world and formulated the religions and policies that dominate.

The dreamers put up the principles by which we live and die. Prophets were invented by kings, emperors and Big Men to promote them while feeding more power and control for their benefit.

Students of the Old Testament are now finding their way out of religions and back into the wonderful spiritual presence. They see the lies before them and are taking evasive steps to avoid the contamination. This is what was promised and at the end there is a treasure reserved for them alone.

That treasure is power and spiritual infilling that is accompanied with physical healing, mental stability, and protection against the things of the world. Those inheriting it are called the Children of God and it was determined from the start that at the end they would be present and able to decide on who is telling the truth. That is done when spiritual tingles and enlightenment leads them onto the right path and they know at that time that they have found God and are spiritually healed.