June 12, 2024

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Healing Your Broken Soul – Recreating Your Broken Soul With Theta Healing

Theta Healing (TH) heals the body, physical illnesses or what doctors refer to as signs. TH heals the subconscious mind by removing negative beliefs (discovered in a “digging” session with a practitioner) and downloading or installing a positive, more empowering beliefs and feelings. Theta healing heals a broken soul: belief work is done on a client then a prayer is offered, and the soul is witnessed as being recreated.

A broken soul is determined by the practitioner in a theta healing session but there maybe red flags to indicate that someone has a broken soul. Phrases like “I am heartbroken,” or “I am empty,” or any other like phrases.

What causes a broken soul? Severe traumas in this life like abuses (physical, emotional and sexual), major disappointments, for example, by those we consider dear to us (parents, lovers, children, etc), major diseases, life changing incidents (victims of severe crime, divorces, etc.).

The founder of TH believes that when we die the soul returns to the Creator to be repaired. The founder also teaches that someone’s soul may become so damaged that a person will chose death. Fortunately, god provided the healing modality of theta healing to repair (in fact, recreate) someone’s soul and then any other problems relating to the body and mind can them be healed, or healed completely.

How does TH heal (recreate) the soul? The eyes truly are a window to the soul. During a TH session the practitioner Go Up to the Creator and prayer for the client’s soul to be healed. Then, the practitioner witnesses the soul being healed (recreated): a ball of light spinning clockwise and all cracks or energy leaks healed. End result are more energy, greater results in mind and body healing, improve sense of well-being, and suicidal tendencies disappear.