May 17, 2024

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Home Care: In a Nutshell

Home care is an arena that allows a person with special needs to stay in their home. It might be for people, who are getting older, are chronically ill, recovering from surgery or disabled. Home care services would include:

1. Personal care: such as getting a bath, washing one’s hair, getting dressed, toileting, or changing sides (if the patient is bed ridden).

2. Homemaking: like cleaning the house, doing light household work, or yard work.

3. Cooking and delivering the meals, and making sure that the patient has these meals.

4. Health care: wherein a health care assistant would be coming to one’s home and supervising them.

In today’s world it is possible to get almost any type of help in your home. While some of the caregivers work comes free or is donated. You can also get paid jobs. In case it is a CNA, who has been hired to be the health aide for an elderly person or a sickly person. They are expected to be paid since they look after others for a living. If the patients have a serious condition, at that point nurses are hired out. The needs of the patient are met with by the health home care agency who are contacted to do so. Medical claims can also cover the cost of these home care health aides, in case it is recommended by the doctors. It is, nevertheless, not a very expensive option. The money required to hire a caregiver is not much, and one can easily afford it. Caregivers are paid on an hourly basis in case they are registered with the State and have got their jobs through the community services. The charges of the personal caregivers may vary, bearing in mind if they are self-employed and/or found through the help of a third party. The caregivers fees may vary but only very slightly.