July 18, 2024

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How At-Home Care Services Promote Improved Overall Health in Seniors

Home is a safe haven for most people, and this is not any different for senior citizens. In fact, according to the Association of American Retired Persons, 82 percent of senior citizens want to stay at home as long as possible. With at-home care, seniors not only get to remain home, but can also enjoy an improvement in overall health.

One of the benefits of getting home care services is the prevention of illnesses and infections. At home, there is more control over the environment, and sources of illnesses and infections can be easily traced and addressed. If a family member has the flu, for instance, it’s easier to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria by ensuring that he will have minimal interactions with others.

This can be a bigger challenge in senior care facilities. The spread of viruses and bacteria is harder to control because there are more people living in one location, and they often share facilities such as bathrooms and common areas. In addition, these facilities can’t easily monitor all the interactions among their senior clients.

Another benefit of getting at-home care is that it enables seniors to stay in a comfortable environment, which can reduce anxiety and stress-two common factors that cause depression.

Depression is more prevalent among seniors in senior care facilities than those who remain home. Studies show that in 2008, 30 percent of the residents in senior care facilities were reported to feel depressed, as opposed to the 11 percent of those who received home care. This is because most seniors may not be able to cope well with extreme changes in environment and daily routines.

With at-home care services, seniors won’t necessarily have to deal with drastic lifestyle changes. Save for the presence of a caregiver, seniors can continue enjoying the environment and routines they’ve grown accustomed to.

Home care is of particular importance to those who live with or near their loved ones. With family and friends close by to provide a solid support system, seniors can definitely live a healthier and happier life. Not just that, but according to the General Accounting Office of the United States, studies have shown that seniors who receive at-home care tend to live longer than those who do otherwise.

With the right service provider, families will find that home care can have a lasting positive impact on various aspects of a senior’s health.