June 12, 2024

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How the Environment and Your Health Are Related

Our health is directly dependent on the quality of the environment that we live in. We breathe the air that we live in, and now people are concerned about what they are sending into the air as well. If we pollute, then we inhale pollution. Our well being is in the planet’s well being.

Global warming not only damages the environment but our health also. If the climate changes continue and the temperature continues to increase, then there will be several outbreaks of new diseases caused by newer viruses. Two centuries ago there were lesser health problems then we have today. As human comforts are increasing through technology they are also facing more health problems and also damaging the environment.

We do not live in a pristine environment anymore. Most of the vegetables grown are artificially modified using chemicals. So, we are eating polluted food. Meat and chicken is also produced in the same way.

If people live in an industrial area, then people are breathing harmful and noxious chemical gases all the time. This leads to various diseases. People, who live near any industry, fall sick more often than people who live in greener areas.

This explains that breathing in clean air is very important for our well being. Even the water we drink is polluted and this could have detrimental effects on our health and the longevity of life.

Today, the environment is being polluted in several ways through air pollution and by releasing chemicals into the water. The only way to care for our own health is by caring for our environment.