July 18, 2024

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Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is gaining wide popularity with many people throughout the world as they begin to combine it alongside traditional orthodox medicine. Intuitive healing recognises that each person is unique in their mental, emotional and spiritual outlook and so they must be treated as an individual by evaluating their overall wellbeing. This means that even though two people may have been diagnosed with the same illness, the actual cause of the illness can differ. Intuitive healing is another form of energy healing, which holds under its umbrella healing modalities such as acupuncture and Reiki.

As a person you are the combination of mind, body and spirit. This combination makes you ‘who you are’ and when one part of you is out of sync, then the other parts of you are also affected. You are an energetic being and you have a specific rate of vibration also known as your energy frequency or aura. Your mindset, beliefs, and the general state of your internal feelings, has a dramatic effect on your health and wellbeing. A positive mindset will help to create a healthier vibration and therefore give you better health and a negative overly stressed mindset will help to create physical health issues due to the direct affect it has on your body’s immune system.

Intuitive healing involves becoming aware of your internal state of being so that you realise the impact a negative mindset and beliefs can have on your health. You will then become empowered to do something about your inner state and therefore help to improve any physical symptoms. Our intuition is strengthened whenever we listen to it and our body uses our intuition to help speak to us. For example, if we feel worried or concerned about any material issues such as finances, then our intuition can express itself with minor aches or pains in our lower back. If we feel that we are there for everyone else but no one is there for us, then our intuition can express itself as aches and pains within the area of our shoulders.

You have a spiritual anatomy just as you have a physical anatomy. Your spiritual anatomy consists of your aura, chakras and meridians. You have seven main chakras within your energy system that are equivalent to power stations within the body. They help to regulate the flow of life force energy around the body, feeding specific organs and bodily systems. If they are out of balance then this will affect the amount of energy that gets delivered and so issues with the body part they serve can become physically affected.

The flow of energy is carried around the body by channels called meridians and these can also become blocked based on our emotional state of being. A very popular energy healing therapy is called EFT (emotional freedom technique), which involves lightly tapping on the meridians whilst thinking of negative emotional issues and habits so that they can be released and healed. All of these energy healing abilities point to one thing – we have the power to heal ourselves by becoming intimately acquainted with our own energy field.

Your aura and chakras interpenetrate with your physical body. Your aura has several subtle bodies ranging in different frequencies that expand outwards in consciousness. Your physical body is the lowest and densest in vibration, and your higher-self is the fastest and lightest in vibration. Your aura acts as a protective force around you and is very sensitive to lots of different energies. It can absorb other people’s energies, both positive or negative which can immediately impact the frequency of your vibration and physical health. If we are healthy our aura will be vibrant, and if we are sick or emotionally low then our aura will be dull and slow.

Our aura will glow and sparkle when it is strong and it will be drab and listless when it is weak. Stress will lower our vibes, and a balanced state of mind will help to raise them. If you are self-critical then you will attack your own energy field and lower your vibration. This kind of negativity will contaminate your aura and drain your valuable life force energy. Do you criticise yourself, put yourself down or ignore your body’s needs for good health and wellbeing? If so, you are contributing to lowering your overall energy vibration.

You can also attack your energy vibration through being stuck in the past by being unable to forgive or let go of a trauma, or by fearing the future even though it hasn’t happened yet. Both of these time frames take prisoner of part of your energy as you are unable to live fully in the present moment. This means that you will only have a limited amount of energy to get you through each day as you become easily tired and fatigued. You will also lack the mental focus and concentration to follow through on creating great changes within your life as you will lack the energy to do so. To help give yourself intuitive healing you must monitor your mindset, choose to empower yourself with positivity and be responsible for cleaning your energy vibration.

The following practical exercise is purposely created to help you clean, strengthen and maintain a good healthy vibration.

Clean & Colour your Energy Vibration

Sit comfortably in a chair and make sure you are not going to be disturbed. This exercise will only take a few minutes to do but if you do this exercise each day you will be contributing to your wellbeing. Mentally form an intention that you are going to clean your energy field and chakras. Now ask for the white light of the highest realms to enter through your crown chakra at the top of your head. Visualise this vibrant white light pouring in and filling you up entirely, from your head to your toes. Now expand this light outwards so that it spills into your aura.

Mentally instruct that all negative energies that you have unconsciously absorbed from people and the environment now be cleansed in the power of the vibrant white light. You will also be cleaning away the negative energy from any self-critical attack. Once you have finished this you can then choose from one of the colours below to help empower you with the specific healing vibration that each colour offers you.

Imagine your chosen colour to pour through the top of your head (Crown Chakra) and fill you up entirely from your head to your toes.

Red Light – to help you increase your energy levels and kick-start your ambition
Orange Light – to help you dissolve any sadness and ignite your spark for a new beginning
Yellow Light – to help you overcome your fears and empower you to make decisive clear decisions
Green Light – to help you gain balance within your daily life routine of work, rest and play
Pink Light – to help you heal a broken heart and to strengthen your intuitive nature
Turquoise Light – to help you communicate the true feelings of your heart within your life
Indigo Light – to help you see clearly what you need to do for the next phase of your life and to improve your psychic awareness
Violet Light – to help you connect with your spiritual team of helpers, and to help you sleep soundly

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