July 15, 2024

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Is Bacterial Vaginosis Sexually Transmitted?

Bacterial Vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted disease. Women that have never had sexual intercourse have developed BV and although there is widespread belief that reinfection can occur when a woman has sex with an untreated partner it is not an STD.

Bacterial Vaginosis is a bacterial infection and like most germs can be spread through contact. The fact that BV affects the genital area and can pass from partner to partner during sex does not mean it is a disease or virus such as Chlamydia or gonorrhoea.

Many of the symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis and yeast infections are similar to those experienced by women infected by a sexually transmitted disease. Swelling, soreness, itching and abnormal discharge can all indicate an STD and often the same hospital department or clinic will treat all these disorders under one roof.

Many health services and clinics do list STD’s and non STD Infections together and this can increase the feeling of discomfort and embarrassment. Do not be afraid to get help as they have ‘seen it all before’ and are professionally trained to help you feel relaxed. They will treat you quickly and with dignity and should they diagnose Bacterial Vaginosis or a yeast infection you are not obliged to take a prescription for medication. It is no longer considered ‘cranky’ to opt for a natural remedy or cure, so do not be afraid to tell them that this is your preferred option.

Although the symptoms of STD’S such as syphilis or gonorrhoea can disappear, unlike Bacterial Vaginosis, the disease never ‘cures itself’ and can prove fatal if not treated properly and promptly. If you suspect that you have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease, do not assume the symptoms you are experiencing are due to a yeast or bacterial imbalance, get a proper examination and find out. This is vital if you have had Bacterial Vaginosis that had been troublesome or extreme as this can destroy you natural protective bacteria and leave you more susceptible to STD’s.

Although all infections can spread and occasionally BV can cause urinary tract problems if you are suffering abnormal vaginal discharge, soreness, itching and have trouble urinating you are, I am afraid, more likely to be suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. If you have never had sexual intercourse, you are not!