May 16, 2024

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Jesus Can Still Heal Even When It’s Too Late

I have a standing agreement with the airlines. If I’m not there by departure time, they are supposed to go ahead and leave without me. So far, I’ve never missed a departure. I missed a connection over 30 years ago (and they left without me), but I didn’t miss my initial departure!

How many times have you come upon a situation when it was too late? You were too late to enroll in a class or too late to avoid a parking ticket? Have you ever been too late to a concert, game or event and you weren’t allowed in because the doors were closed?

In Matthew 9:23-26; Mark 5:35-43; Luke 8:49-56, Jairus has come to Jesus to ask Him to heal his dying daughter. Jesus has agreed to come, but is interrupted by the touch of a woman with a bleeding problem. Jesus pauses to assure her of her healing while Jairus is waiting. Let’s look at this situation from Jairus’ perspective.

Hurry Jesus, I Need You NOW! Mark 5:35-36 Luke 8:49-50

Jesus, come quickly! My daughter is dying and I need you to come and heal her before its too late. I’m a synagogue ruler and a very important leader in this community. I can help you in Capernaum and the surrounding area if you come and heal her NOW! But you must hurry! She is very close to death!

How often do you and I go before God and beg for His immediate intervention in a situation that we perceive to be a crisis? None of this is news to God. He saw it coming. He knows all about it and He is right there with you as you are going through the anxiety, fear and other emotions. He knows what the outcome is going to be and He will stand beside you through the entire ordeal regardless of the outcome.

Why Are You Stopping? Matthew 9:23-24a; Mark 5:37-39; Luke 8:21-52

Jesus, why are you stopping? What do you mean someone touched you? Can’t you see that there are hundreds of people bumping into us as we are trying to get to my house? Many of them have touched You. Why are You stopping? Hurry up, my daughter is dying and I need you to save her NOW!

Jesus, this is some old woman. Her life is almost over. My daughter is only twelve years old. She has her entire life ahead of her. This old woman is not important in this community. She hardly gives anything to the synagogue. Stop wasting time trying to find out why she touched you and lets get on to my house. Hurry! I live just over there!

We often think that our issues are more important than anyone else’s. We will also get caught up in the urgency of our need, and forget that there may be others who’s needs are as great or even greater than ours. We sometimes try to make comparisons and think ourselves more (or less) worthy than that person. Fortunately, God is a lot smarter than we are. How often does your own agenda outweigh anyone else’s?

It’s Too Late! You Took Too Long! Matthew 9:24b-26; Mark 5:38-43; Luke 8:53-56

Jesus, it’s too late! My servant just came and told me that my daughter is dead. You can go now. If only You hadn’t let that old lady wait and hurried to my house? Don’t you realize that I can do a lot to help you? Why did you have to stop? My daughter was so young and had so much life before her.

What? You are still coming to my house? But don’t you understand? It’s too late! She’s dead! My daughter is dead because you stopped to confront some old woman who touched you in a crowd of people. Believe what? Are you so stupid as to not understand that “dead” means? It’s over!

You want these people to go outside? Okay, everyone, leave. Do your mourning outside. My wife and I want some time alone with our daughter.

What are you doing, Jesus? She’s not asleep! She’s dea… that’s happening? She’s getting up! She’s alive? Jesus, you just raised a dead person back to life! You are amazing! I’ve never seen anyone with that much power! Oh thank You! THANK You! Thank YOU!

It is never too late for God to intervene in someone’s life and do a miracle. However, the most important miracle He ever did was when He saved you from your sins through the blood of Jesus. We also want to remember that our crisis is the most important to us, but it may not be the most important to God. We must labor to love and trust Him regardless of how He responds to our urgent pleading.

The “Getting To Know Jesus” Bible study teaches us see that Jesus cares about everyone and He is not influenced by political power. He goes with us through every crisis and He cares regardless of the outcome.

God bless you and have a great week!