May 16, 2024

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Natural Cures – Is Pyramid Energy Really Good For Your Health?

For all the people out there who have never heard or thought much about pyramids or think they were just an occult thing, I am here to tell you know that the power of pyramids is real. And that pyramids don’t stem from the occult but rather a higher power (in whom there is no darkness).

Is it really possible for pyramid energy to improve your health? Yes. The reason being is that the secret that makes pyramids special is a thing called “life force energy” that surrounds all living things. Believe it or not, it is also found in the geometric shape of pyramids.

A while back on the news there was a report that showed how therapists were healing a patients wounds faster by moving their hands slightly over the wound in a slow circular motion. The wound was a serious burn on a person’s arm.

Their hands were not touching the patients’ arm. Instead their hands were slowly moving back and fourth about an inch above the wound. This motion was healing the wound quicker because of the life force energy that is emitted from the therapists’ hands.

This same life force energy is in everyone and every living thing. It was reported on the news that the wound was healing at a much higher rate. This same life force energy is found in and around pyramids. It is called pyramid energy.

You can see the evidence of this life force energy in action when kirlian photography is taken. Kirlian photography is a special photographic process that was developed in Russia back in the early 20th century using electricity.

The reason why pyramids have the same life force energy as other living things has to do with its special geometry. An excellent example of this is prismatic light. Even prismatic light has these same health benefits and even makes plants grow better.

I think it has to do with the colors in the light spectrum. Prisms have the same similar geometric shapes that pyramids have. If you have a beveled mirror in your house you can see the awesome rainbow colors in the beveled edges. They sometime strike beautiful colors on walls and ceilings.

Getting back to pyramid energy, people with broken bones have claimed to be healed faster. People suffering from back pain have reported significant pain relief. And even people with a painful abscessed tooth have claimed to have their toothache cured permanently. I for one have witnessed this healing.

Pyramid energy has even more natural cures types of benefits as well. This free energy beats taking toxic chemicals that are not only expensive, but shouldn’t be taken on a long term basis anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, some medicine is good and God bless our doctors and scientists that have devoted their lives to helping people get well.

Just as the sun is reported to give us needed nutrients like vitamin D, (which is good for strong healthy bones) pyramids seem to operate and benefit from natural sunlight as well. Pyramid energy works in the daytime and at night.

Most of the time there is significant amounts of solar flare activity on the sun. Once every 11 years there is a temporary cycle where the solar flare activity breaks and pyramids lose their Electro-magnetic energy. I read about this in another pyramid book. People were calling in and complaining that their pyramids were not energized.

This shows more proof that what makes pyramids work is not some kind of strange magic but rather basic science and geometry at work.

In this day and age people are looking for natural cures and clean energy. Pyramids offer us free, clean energy that has many health benefits for mankind.