July 18, 2024

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Outwitting the Devil – Why Napoleon Hill and His Wife Had to Pass Before This Could Be Published

Outwitting the Devil has impacted my life tremendously, and I am not finished with the book at the time of writing this sentence.

The fact is, Napoleon Hill has the devil cornered and he is able to interrogate the Devil, pulling honest answers from the Devil, because Napoleon is a “non-drifter.”

Let me explain. Napoleon is a man who has learned to think for himself. It is Napoleon’s clear decisiveness and his control over his own mind that leaves the Devil powerless to pull Napoleon into the Devil’s trance. Those who are not using their minds are referred to as “drifters.”

The Devil is not a dressed up character with a split tongue and horns. Nor is the Devil a personified figure by Napoleon’s definition. The Devil explains that it is represented in half of everything. The Devil is the negative charge in the atom that keeps the positive charge attracted and the atom together. The Devil has no more power than ‘Omnipotence’ or the Devil’s opposition. And each person has the same abilities to choose one over the other. However, the Devil has many tricks and tools to use and you may be one of them.

In this book, Napoleon distinguishes between what he calls a “drifter” and a “non-drifter.” This I find especially important. Here is the distinction between the “drifter” and “non-drifter” as Napoleon presses the Devil for an answer:

The first thing you will notice about a drifter is his total lack of a major purpose in life. He will be conspicuous by his lack of self-confidence. He will never accomplish anything requiring thought and effort…He will be ill-tempered and lacking in control over his emotions…He will eat too much and exercise too little…

The first sign of a non-drifter is this: He is always engaged in doing something definite, through some well-organized plan which is definite. He has a major goal in life toward which he is always working, and many minor goals, all of which lead toward his central scheme. The major distinguishing feature of the non-drifter is this: He has a mind of his own and uses it for all purposes.

Which do you identify with currently, the drifter or the non-drifter? According to the Devil in this book, the Devil “owns” 98{1bba59ef0f837d981c3bbc138a719a91ccf1421d7c126b09b2d5ffa1685c30db} of the people on the planet. He gets them primarily with fear and propaganda, and he has many cohorts here on Earth.

Napoleon wrote this in 1938. Why did it not get published until 2011?

The Devil works in mysterious ways-or at least it did work in mysterious ways. According to Sharon Lechter, who annotates Napoleon’s manuscript, Napoleon’s wife did not want this published. There are some words presented in this book that only those who truly think for themselves could handle. It seems that Napoleon’s wife was a bit entangled in the Devil’s web, too.

What does this book say?

It points to religious and educational leaders as working for the Devil. The Devil states that he has them entwined to help him instill fear and a hypnotic rhythm in youthful minds. I would say this is as true today as it was in 1978.

Napoleon writes that the Devil told him that cigarettes are a tool the Devil uses to instill habits among people that can later be leveraged into other “drifting” habits. These include–but are not limited to–indecision, low to no will power, and flip flopping on decisions when they are made.

The Devil has the tools of money, sex, drugs and alcohol, and more at his disposal to derail most people as they venture to think on their own. And he is proud of this fact.

Napoleon was gutsy to write this book. However, he was derailed a bit by the workings of the Devil otherwise it would have been published decades ago.

What is the main point of the book? Well, without giving the story away, the point comes down to this:

“Wake up and give.” This comes straight from the Devil. He admits that those who think for themselves and serve other people will always have whatever they need and want. There is no denying it, and the Devil is powerless against anyone who thinks for themselves.

The Devil might say, “Fortunately for me, too few people think for themselves-ever.”

Are you ready to take control of your life and your mind?