June 12, 2024

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Penis Enhancement Methods That Are Free!

Men easily spend thousands of dollars for penis enlargement supplements that have no guarantee while companies who distribute ineffective products continue to prey on the insecurities of men with small penises. But why spend a fortune when you can enlarge and enhance the size and performance of your penis? There are actually proven exercises that can be done to increase the volume of the penis and achieve sexual control particularly in controlling ejaculation. The best thing about these penis enhancement exercises is that it is free.

If you really wanted to see positive and permanent results without the need to ever risk your health in the process, the free penis enhancement exercises are best for you. These penis enhancement exercises are very simple as well but all it takes is patience and diligence with the program. Doctors will also agree and will always recommend natural penis exercises for long lasting and permanent results.

Follow a program to the dot. Do not rush things by over exercising your penis because it will do more harm to your penis than good just like an over fatigued body, it will lose all its strength rendering you weak and sick. Set a timetable and it would be best to start slowly at the beginning. After every exercise, you must rest to relax your penis for a while before moving on with the next set of penis exercise. Actual sexual intercourse is not considered an exercise, okay? Sexual intercourse, according to a health expert, is one of the best exercises for the body, but definitely not for your penis.

The first exercise you can start with is called the PC technique. The PC is a region of muscles and nerves between your scrotum and your anus. To identify this muscle area, urinate and suppress it. The tensed area when you try to stop your urine is the PC area. Exercise this area through the clench-and-release technique. This will strengthen this area which will help make erection faster and add more length, width and girth to your penis by increasing the blood flow to your penis. Use the PC clench-and-release technique for 10 seconds. Perform 3 sets of these but rest in between sets.

You can also use the PC clench-and-release technique so you can put a stop to premature ejaculations. Clench you PC area for 30 seconds, release and then rest for 30 seconds before doing another set. Perform 3 sets of this exercise as well. You can do this anywhere actually because you do not need your hands to do this exercise. You can do this while driving, while working on some papers on your office, while talking to your girlfriend, etc.

Another penis enhancement exercise is stretching and this is performed by grabbing your penis head and pulling outward for up to 15 seconds. Give your penis a gentle massage to relax the muscles for more stretching. Some men have an erection while doing this exercise but it is just fine as it is easier to grab the head of the penis with the index and the thumb. This exercise helps increase the length of the penis. Perform these sets of exercise regularly and you will see and feel the amazing results quickly. Again, this is free… unless you employ someone who will do it for you.