June 12, 2024

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Prayer Handkerchiefs – What Are Prayer Handkerchiefs and Their Uses?

Are prayer hankies scriptural?

Payer handkerchiefs are very scriptural and have been used throughout history with exciting supernatural results. According to the Word of God, Acts 19:11-12 , prayer cloths were made from handkerchiefs, and aprons that had been been touched by Paul, and were then given to the sick. The Word says that their illnesses were cured, and the evil spirits left them. Since there is obviously no power in a handkerchief or apron, the power resided in the spiritual anointing of Paul, and the faith of the receiver. It is the faith accompanying the administration of the handkerchief that brings healing and miracles.

How are prayer hankies used today?

Modern day believers are still using anointing cloths, or prayer hankies, to give to those who are in need of a miracle, or an answer to prayer, and it seems that the popularity of prayer hankies are increasing. Pastors, or elders of the church will anoint the cloth with oil, usually olive oil, and then pray over the cloth asking God to meet the need of the one it is intended for. Most of the time the person is given the cloth to keep, however, sometimes the cloth is anointed for someone who is unaware that they are being prayed for. In these circumstances the cloth or handkerchief is usually placed in a home, under a mattress, or in a vehicle. This is usually done when you are praying for someone who is in spiritual bondage, and would not be willing to receive prayer for themselves, or even be willing to receive a prayer cloth, or prayer hankie.

What are some other uses for prayer hankies?

Another use of prayer hankies, is to put scriptures, prayers, or prayer confessions on them to coincide with a particular need. These make wonderful gifts for those who are sick, in the hospital, or stand in need of a miracle of any kind. Lets say you are sick, and you are believing God for your healing. You then get a prayer hankie with a prayer, or scripture of your choice, and everyday you will quote it as you pray and seek God. This builds your faith as you are believing God to meet your need. A Prayer handkerchief can bring comfort and peace to a troubles heart, as you hold on to it and pray. I have seen many miracles of healing and deliverance come through faith in the Word of God.

What about all the miracle hankies I hear about on the internet?

Remember two things;the power of God is not for sale, and the power to heal and bless only comes from God. Beware of anyone who promises to make you rich or healthy simply by purchasing a handkerchief. As with anything else , there will always be charlatans out there who attempt to discredit the prayer handkerchief, or prayer cloth, by making outrageous and nonscriptural claims. However, for every charlatan, there are many anointed men and women of God who use prayer hankies on a regular basis, and have been blessed to see exceptional answers to prayers, by an exceptional prayer answering God.