September 30, 2023

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Reiki Healing – Part 1 – What Is It?

What is Reiki Healing? Does it really work? In part one, we learn what Reiki is and how is it different to other Healing Systems?

There are many forms of Natural Healing – it is no wonder then that we get confused and don’t know which to choose, here’s the thing, they are all the same! Different interpretations and tools are used but basically they are all Energy Healing Systems and work the same way, some we just feel suit us better or we are just more comfortable with them! Lets look a little further.

Many ancient cultures have handed down their own form of Energy Healing

And they all refer to ‘Life Energy’, in Japanese, energy is called ki,Chinese is chi, Prana by the Hindu’s, Baraka by Sufi’s and light by Christians. Whatever you call it or whatever tool is used to work with it, it is energy!

Reiki – ( pronounced ray-kee) is a Japanese word which means ‘Universal Life Force’. Reiki Healing is a form of Natural Healing which dates back thousands of years to the ancient Tibetan’s, they had a profound understanding of the nature of energy, they used this awareness to heal their bodies, promote their inner harmony and so to bring their mind, body and soul into balance. This system was re-discovered in the 19th century by a man called Mikao Usui, hence its Japanese name.

This Healing System – was kept under wraps for many years, only available for the elite to use, and if it were not for Usui and his determined efforts, then it may never have been rediscovered. It is believed that Usui searched for many years of his life to learn how Jesus healed. This then explains why there are so many methods of natural healing and one way is no better than another it is simply energy healing. Those ancients who are enlightened, would receive universal knowledge and guidance, they would then learn to use the energy and interpret it in their own way, and so create a system.

Reiki – is not so much about fixing an illness, but more to bring the system back into balance so that it may heal itself. To receive energy healing or Reiki on a regular basis, has the same principal as all traditional natural healing systems in that it keeps the mind, body and soul in harmony and balance so that illness does not occur. So it is best used as a preventative therapy, however while receiving a treatment, the energy drawn by the body, will find its way to wherever the body needs it, for example if you were maybe suffering with asthma, you may be aware of the energy build in the chest area, it could get very intense and then balance. Energy healing cannot be used wrongly, it is light and will go where it is needed. There is no typical session or outcome, we take the energy we need and all experience differently.

Conclusion – So how is it different? All energy work is amazing, different systems just use different tools, that is all, you just may like one method better than another. And yes it does work!

In part two, we will discuss what you can expect from a Reiki Healing Treatment.