July 18, 2024

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Sexual Health: 5 Simple Ways to Boost Sexual Vitality

Ready to put the spark back in your love life? We’ve got all the juicy secrets to boosting sexual vitality and creating a more nurturing, loving relationship.

Healthy digestion not only improves your physical well-being and reduces risks of illness and disease, it can also boost your sexual health and deepen the intensity of your relationship. Today, I’ll talk about the top 5 eating-related lifestyle adjustments you can make to invigorate your sex life.

Healthy digestion is an important first step in maximizing the intimacy and endurance of your relationships – specifically, how you absorb foods impacts your sexual vitality. To add passion to your sex life, try these five simple ways to improve digestion:

1. Sit down to eat

The stress of eating while doing other tasks, such as running, standing, driving, doing business, concentrating, and reading, can lead to ulcers and poor digestion. Sitting down to eat focuses your attention on the present moment, so you can fully enjoy your meal and your partner’s company without distraction. This simple step not only improves digestion, but also cultivates appreciation for your food and relationship.

2. Chew your food

Digestion begins in the mouth. Amylase enzyme in saliva breaks down carbohydrates so the body can more easily absorb them. As complex carbohydrates (like brown rice) are converted into simple sugars, they become naturally sweeter. Chewing foods 50-100 times not only improves digestion, it also allows you to more easily embrace the sweetness in life, including being with your partner.

3. Eat at regular times

A regular mealtime schedule brings rhythm to your daily routine. When your digestion functions on a predictable cycle, you are in harmony with the natural order, and your relationships with people, animals, food, and yourself are more balanced.

4. Eat whole foods

Over time, eating rich, heavy, or greasy foods, such as meat and hydrogenated oils, burdens digestion and blocks sexual function. Cooked whole foods, like leafy greens and grains, nourish digestion and help the body cleanse and revitalize your reproductive organs.

5. Eat a moderate amount of food

Skipping meals, dieting, overeating, or under eating can all weaken your digestion, which becomes overworked and exhausted. Eating a moderate amount of food restores digestive function and boosts sexual vitality as you absorb more nutrients and energy.

By improving your digestion, you’ll strengthen your body from the inside out. As you learn the art of eating, your relationships will become sweeter as well.