June 12, 2024

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Shamanic Healing For Narcissistic Abuse

Last night I had a very powerful dream. I was doing energy work on an elderly dying woman, helping her to make her transition. While working around her body there was a demonic presence in her energy field and I ask it to leave. Begrudgingly it shouted a few obscenities at me and left the field. I continued clearing out energy that was holding this woman back and then an amazing miraculous thing happened. She transformed into a young, vibrant woman and got up off the bed she was lying on and went back to her life.

As I was doing my river walk this morning I reflected on last nights dream in attempt to understand the meaning and the message it had for me. Suddenly I realized this was the work I do. I work with people who are being depleted by some negative force in their energy field. This entity can be so powerful as to cause it’s victim to wither, to get sick and even die. By removing such an entity from ones energy field, she can have full access to her life-force energy once again and get back to her life.

When I speak of a negative or dark entity I am not necessarily talking about the narcissistic personality itself, but rather what possesses it. I think back on a former narcissistic relationship I had and I truly believe my ex-boyfriend was possessed by some dark force. When one is weakened through abuse, drugs, alcohol or something else, he is vulnerable to entity attachments. These are disembodied souls who attach themselves, like a parasite, to their host and have a physical experience through them.

It is entirely possible that some of the behavior we have identified as “narcissistic personality disorder” actually comes from entity attachment. There is a difference between entity attachment and possession, like you see in the exorcist. Possession takes over the body completely where entity attachment just shares the space, creating a strong influence in the life of the host. There have been cases where a non-smoker will suddenly have the urge to smoke a cigarette, or someone might feel compelled to partake of a certain drug or drink. One may eat particular foods he/she never at before or be prone to binges. When the entity is attached to someone he is strongly influenced by it. His behavior can change completely. He can get mean, violent, controlling, dominating and manipulative.

When we live with or are in an intimate relationship with someone who has an entity attachment we can also be greatly influence by this entity. We may even become vulnerable to hosting entities ourselves through the weakening of our character. The same entity could potentially batter both partners to a point of complete destruction of the relationship.

Most people don’t like the thought of entity attachment. It is too strange; too foreign a concept to digest. It is too much like the movies. Yet it is a reality we must consider when dealing with narcissistic personalities.

If you suspect entity attachment you may not be able to do anything for your partner but you can do something for yourself. You need to work on clearing your own energy field or having an experienced Shamanic practitioner do this for you. Ask all unwanted attachments to leave. Starve the entity by fasting for a period of 5-10 days. This is a purification ritual written about in the Essene Gospel of Peace. Most dark entities attach to us to have a physical experience. Since they no longer have a body, they love to indulge in all the pleasures of the flesh, including sex, drugs, drinking and food. If you give all these things up for a period of time, they will go elsewhere to get their fix and you will come out of the experience rejuvenated, purified and ready to live your life again.

When dealing with entity attachment it is best not to focus on the entity attached to your narcissistic partner. Because you could come up against some extreme resistance. Can you imagine his reaction if you were to tell him you think he might have an attachment, a psychic parasite? He will certainly tell you that you are crazy and soon you will likely believe that you are. So focus on clearing yourself. If he shows interest you can refer him to a Shamanic practitioner and let the practitioner deal with it. I know one very good Shamanic Practitioner who had a man, obviously a narcissistic personality, living in his home with him. He ended up kicking the man out of his home. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped or who doesn’t realize there is a problem, regardless of the situation.

In my dream I was helping a woman with an attachment who, to me, was symbolic of all the women I work with who are caught in the narcissistic Web of Illusion. It could be the narcissistic entity itself that is attaching to the woman, bleeding her of her life-force energy. My goal is to clear this entity out of her life so she can have her energy back. She is dealing with a parasite, a psychic vampire that is feeding off her life-force energy. We must clear that entity out of her field so she is free of it. At this point she may still feel a little weak but can begin to recover her strength and get her life back.

This work is very powerful because it takes place on a psychic energy level rather than a physical or emotional level. We meet the vampire on it’s domain and evict it from our home. We get our life back and the entity must find another source to feed from. Sound familiar?

It would also make sense that those who are being drained by an entity are disoriented, weak and confused. This allows the host to be manipulated and controlled by the entity. If you are aware of its presence and evict it, then it must leave. It can’t remain a host in an unwilling victim. Only those who are caught up in the confusion and insanity created by the entity can continue to host it. Awareness is the key. When we are aware we are sensitive to what is going on around us and we learn to see the confused, manipulative world of the narcissist for what it is, unhealthy, dysfunctional and even dangerous to our life and well-being.

It was amazing in my dream how this withered old woman transformed into a youthful vibrant woman filled with life-force. This is the transformation we make when we go from victim/host to purging the entities that keep us enslaved in that role. When we shed those unwanted attachments and step fully into the light of life, we experience the same kind of rejuvenation and transformation the woman had in the dream. We go from slipping slowly into death to being reborn into a new life, one that is well worth the living.