May 16, 2024

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Sound Healing That Resembles Our Ancestors’ Techniques

Sound Healing, is the conscious use of the energy of sound to promote human systems’ health, balance, and wellness in the physical body, the energetic body, the spiritual body, or a combination of all three. Scientific studies have in fact proven that the same way sound can change the molecular structure of water, sound or vibration, can also change or effect consciousness. Dating back one thousand years to ancient Egyptians and Australia’s Aborigines, many of our ancestors have used sound to heal themselves or to help them access higher levels of consciousness through traditional instruments and chants or mantra to restore balance to mind, body, and spirit.

The entire universe is in a constant state of vibration and every atom in it resonates at it own unique frequency. Frequency is measured in hertz, which is the number of cycles per second at which sound vibrates. Illness and disease occur when any single part of our body begins to vibrate at a different rate, and in turn, becomes out of harmony with the rest. Because the cells in the human body are made up of 70 to 80{1bba59ef0f837d981c3bbc138a719a91ccf1421d7c126b09b2d5ffa1685c30db} water, they are the perfect conductor of sound to help bring your physical body back to perfect health.

Constant stresses in daily life trigger the brain’s “fight or flight” response, creating a constant imbalance, making it more difficult for some to get their bodies and minds back to a space of tranquility and wholeness, which creates imbalance and illness. Sound is starting to become more and more prevalent in our society for healing. Psychologists are now using sound to help children with learning disabilities. Sound has also been found to assists people with sleep disorders by altering brain wave states. In today’s modern society, sound therapy is becoming one of the most powerful of therapies, due to results of a wide array of ailments.

The answer to these constant stresses in life is simple is simple right? Slow down, relax, take time for yourself, exercise, eat right, spend time with your family, sit outdoors and get grounded. While these things may sound very simple, we live in a different world than we did 30 years ago. Homes with both parents working, daily stresses and larger demands at work, running the kids to and from their schools, and many after school activities, make just simply taking the time to live a fulfilled life and enjoying your family hardly existent anymore. This is why we need to be cognizant of keeping our bodies in a continuous and harmonious state. Slowly but surely though, we are trying to get back to those times of ease and centering ourselves with what’s important in life.

Findings of resonant frequency of organs is happening worldwide by doctors to aid in vibrating the entire body back into a state of health, and transmute illness and diseases such as anxiety, PTSD, migraines, depression, memory issues, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and even cancer. “You can really look at disease as a form or disharmony,” says Dr. Gaynor director of oncology at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York, and author of Sounds of Healing. “We know that sound and music have profound effects on the immune system, which clearly do have a lot to do with cancer.” [1]

There was also a study in April of 2016, that involved patient with Alzheimer’s Disease. Researchers from the University of Toronto, Wilfrid Laurier University, and the Baycrest Centre Hospitals conducted a study of these patients in different stages of the disease, subjecting them to sound simulation at 40 hertz. They noted “promising” results with cognition, clarity, and alertness. Lee Bartel, one of the authors of these findings stated that,”Parts of the brain appear to be at the same communication frequency, and that frequency is about 40 Hz. So when you have a deterioration of that – when you have too little of it – the two parts of the brain that want to talk to each other, like the thalamus and the hippo campus, the short-term memory to the long-term memory, they can’t talk to each other, they won’t communicate, so you won’t have long-term memory.” Bartel explained that the sound-simulation treatment at 40 Hz leads to an “increased” frequency, which allows “parts of the brain to talk to each other again.” [2]

There are various methods of utilizing sound to invoke this change or level of consciousness. People that meditate will tell you that Chanting and Toning are two very powerful ways to vibrate sound through the body. As a person that meditates with sounds of chanting, I will say that it’s a game changer to the entire process. Sound altering brainwave states such as binaural beat frequencies are now being used to help with sleeping disorders. Our Chakras (life force energy centers) also benefit from musical sounds, helping to release blockages creating illness and disease to realign the flow of harmonious, predetermined frequency within the body.

Crystal Singing Bowls offer a unique advantage over synthesized sound, as they are made with the highest quality quartz crystal. We know that clear quartz is a crystal that is sometimes called the ‘Master Healer’ as it has the ability to amplify, transform, store, and transfer energy. The quartz crystal vibrates through the 70{1bba59ef0f837d981c3bbc138a719a91ccf1421d7c126b09b2d5ffa1685c30db} of water of the human form and resonates with the various crystalline substances that also make up the physical body. The tones produced by the crystal bowls are not only heard by the ear, but felt in the body, enabling the energy to echo throughout each of the Chakra Centers. In essence, with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, one can create a powerful level of symphonic response to restore and rejuvenate. That’s the power of quartz crystal.

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