February 24, 2024

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The Emotional Healing Angels

“Angels descending, bring from above, echoes of mercy, whispers of love.” – Fanny J Crosby

Angels are spiritual beings directly from God sent to watch over the human race and to deliver God’s messages. These non-denominational beings are pure and divine love. They never judge us or look down at us; they always love us no matter what we do or don’t do. There are many different angels and each angel serves specific purposes. Each one has their area of expertise; there are different angels for different problems. They are always around us and ready to help in any way that you may need. No matter how small you may think your problem is, they will always be right there ready to help, honored that you called upon them. Whenever I am in a busy parking lot that I am having difficulty finding a parking spot in I called on my “parking angel” to assist me. Sure enough, every time without fail a parking spot sill suddenly appear for me. However, since we were given the gift of free will, the angels can not intervene unless you ask for their help. So just ask! They will never fail you. Angels also have the ability to be with multiple people at the same time, so don’t ever feel that you are burdening them in any way.

There are 9 primary emotions that we experience that cause blockages in our energy system and for each of these emotions there is a specific angel to help you heal them. Knowing these angels and their specific healing capabilities will serve to bring about your healing more effectively and you will see your life open up in a whole new way as you begin to form relationships with these angels. These are the 9 emotions with the corresponding angels to call upon:

1) Guilt: Guilt is an emotion that we may experience by having feelings of having done wrong in some way that you have not been forgiven for; either by yourself or other people. You can also develop a fear of punishment (from God or others) for your wrong doing. Guilt is a completely useless emotion that serves no other purpose than to punish and torture ourselves. Archangel Raphael is the healer of guilt. Call upon him whenever you feel guilt about something and he will work with you to rid you of these emotions.

2) Distrust: You can have feelings of distrust towards yourself or other people. You can distrust your own inner voice or intuition as well. Distrust can create uncertainty and doubt about your choices, which then leads you to mainly rely on logic putting you out of touch with your intuition. Archangel Gabriel is the healer of distrust. Call upon Gabriel whenever you are feeling this emotion and you will be amazed at how the quality of your life will raise once you have gotten rid of any distrust.

3) Shame: Shame is experienced as feelings of being unsure of ourselves which then results in low self esteem and low self confidence. Feelings of swallowing our self expression, ignoring our self expression, or being made wrong for our self expression. We hold this emotion in our throat and lung area. The angel Celestina is the healer of shame. Call upon her whenever you feel shame and she will work with you to heal this emotional blockage.

4) Threat: You can feel threatened emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually. These threats can be real or imagined, the emotions are always real. Feeling unsafe or threatened can lead to living a life of fear and paranoia and often causes muscular tension in the back of the neck. The angel Celestina is also the healer of threat. Call upon her whenever you are feeling threatened and she will work with you to heal it.

5) The “Shoulds”: The “shoulds” are feelings that one should or should not have done something. These “shoulds” can feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders and can result in beating yourself up for these things. This can show up as a person being overly responsible or over compensating for a perceived deficiency. The angel Faith is the healer of the “shoulds”. Call upon her whenever you start thinking about things that you should or should not have done.

6) Heartache and Betrayal: These are feelings of having our love rejected or having love that we receive cut off. Mildly, this can be experienced as disappointment; on the severe end this can be experienced as betrayal or having been emotionally stabbed in the back. This is often related to trust. The angel Cassiel is the healer of heartache and betrayal. Call upon her whenever you feel this emotion and she will work with you to heal your heartache.

7) Resentment and Anger: You can have resentments towards a person or situation in your life. Resentment is often held in and built up over a long period of time, which then leads to feelings of anger. Anger can be feelings towards people, places, and things that we have never forgiven. Anger has the potential to explode outwardly through harsh words or physical violence. Road rage is a common side effect of anger. The angel Daniel is the healer of anger and resentment. Call upon him in any situation that causes you to have such feelings and also to heal past situations to which you have built up your anger towards.

8) Stress and Powerlessness: Powerlessness is an emotion that we feel when we are in a physically or emotionally dangerous situation that we can neither fight nor run from. This is the fight or flight response called stress. You will often feel this emotion in your stomach area. The angel Sarah is the healer of stress and powerlessness. Call upon her whenever you are in a situation that causes you stress and she will work with you to have these feelings subside.

9) Fear: Fear comes from change or the unknown. Fear is often referred to as false evidence appearing real. Fear is a very powerful emotion that can stop us in our tracks and prevent us from doing many things in our lives. Archangel Michael is the healer of all fears. Call upon Michael whenever you are feeling afraid of something or someone and he will work with you to overcome your fears so you can live a full life.