July 19, 2024

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There Is a Healing Room in Heaven

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is about a person’s loved ones who have departed. They want to know if they are doing all right. Let me explain a bit about what happens when you cross from this dimension into the spiritual realm.

A lot of healing has to take place as you transition from everything you have known and experienced in this life. I equate it as being similar to a newborn baby. The newborn does not come into this world walking and talking and filled with knowledge. They learn through their parents, environment, and time.

The same applies for the individual when they become newborn in the spirit world. They have to learn a whole new way of being. You retain your memories of this life, but a lot of emotions and thoughts that you held onto have to dissolve as you become A quieted with your new life.

Your Guardian angels are with you immediately as they have known you before you came into the third dimension and will continue to be with you throughout your spiritual life. There will be a great host of angels to help you as each one has been assigned a different task to help you with. You will not be alone and frightened. Many people worry about that and you don’t need to. You are going to be in the presence of divine love and it will be a feeling beyond anything you have felt previously.

You will spend time in your special healing room with these lovely divine beings. Yes, you will meet many family, friends and people during this healing time. Some will be with you immediately as they have been patiently waiting for you. Animals that you have had in your life will often be a right there as they serve a special purpose for you in the spirit world. Each one will come to you when you are ready to be with them.

It’s a lovely time and there is nothing to fear. You are going into the next phase of your existence and you will be gently taken care of and healed.

I have written many articles about life in spirit as I have spent a great time in the spirit world. One of my greatest pleasures is taking people into the spirit world through my guided journey and for them to get to see what is there for them

Time will not matter and things that you found important in this life will fade away once you are experiencing the divine love of the spirit world. This really does go beyond our mortal comprehension, but once we cross over it will all become clear and make perfect sense. You will be free from all of the boundaries of this life. Free to soar and have peace.

Think of all the peace and love that is waiting for you in your next birth.