September 30, 2023

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What You Learn As a Chios Energy Healing Student

Chios (pronounced chee’ ohss) Energy Healing is a fairly new healing art that works to correct energetic defects and helps restore the auric field to its natural healthy state. Chios works to restore the body’s energy system using special tools and techniques that work on the chakras and higher layers of the aura. These tools can assist the practitioner in performing techniques that can help people stay energetically well, which can aid in the prevention of disease developing in the body. Chios also has additional procedures for the chronically or seriously ill.

Chios is taught in 3 levels, and although it is not necessary, receiving the corresponding attunements from a qualified teacher is recommended. The attunements will assist in opening up the students channeling abilities faster than if they are not received. Each Chios level has a symbol that corresponds to the attunement for that level, and only a certified Chios Master Teacher is permitted to perform the procedure. The attunements can be made in person or distantly depending on the student’s preference.

The first attunement opens the healing student’s ability to channel healing energy through their hands. They will learn to work with and conduct energy through their hands and will begin to sense the human energy field using the passing of hands method. They will also learn the hand positions for healing treatments.

The second attunement greatly increases the ability of the student’s hands to channel energy, color, and light. It generates the ability to shape and direct the color and light in the direction they wish it to go. They will learn to seal leaks and tears in the aura, aura clearing, unblocking chakras, aura charging, and correction of energy flow. They will start to learn to see the aura and chakra colors and how to use light in healing.

The third attunement accelerates the student’s ability to draw in and channel energy, color, and light. In this level, they will learn chakra system rebalancing, chakra charging, correcting structural energetic defects, 7th layer focal healing and other tools useful in their healing practice. The student’s psychic and empathic ability will also increase as they connect further with the universal life force.

The final attunement is the master attunement. This attunement will enable the Master teacher to attune students to this powerful system of energy healing. The Chios Master attunement can expand an individual’s awareness and healing abilities to a very high level. Many Chios Masters have major life shifts and feel that this is not just an energy healing modality, but a spiritual journey. Another awesome benefit of being a Chios Master healer is that when you are healing someone else you are also healing yourself.