July 19, 2024

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Why Health is Wealth

Being health-conscious is important. Be aware of how to properly take care of your body. Teaching health education is aimed in promoting conscientiousness. This involves assessing the current lifestyle and mental state, both crucial in determining one’s overall health.

Phases of health:

A. Physical health – refers to the bodily condition itself. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, proper nourishment and enough rest all promote a healthy body.

B. Mental health- refers to the person’s emotional and psychological condition. It involves the cognitive and emotional capacity of a person.

The Four Determinants of Health:

A. Human biology – An area in biology involving the study of the human body. This is also linked to primate biology.

B. Environmental science – The study of substance, chemicals and natural components of the environment.

C. Lifestyle – The totality of a person’s outlook, principles, and way of life.

D. Self-care – Individual health maintenance and restoration. This involves decision-making in health matters in relation to one’s own body.

Health Maintenance: Achieving a healthy state and staying healthy is a continuous process. The following are components of healthy living:

1. Nutrition – the study of the nutritional content of food, and the effects of these to the body.

2. Sports nutrition – The study of the relationship between dietary supplements and athletic activities. The primary objectives this study is to regulate glycogen levels, optimize energy levels and muscle tone.

3. Exercise – A physical activity involving sweat, that builds muscles and burns fat.

4. Hygiene – The routine of maintaining a clean body to avoid disease and sickness, and to prevent the contact of transmissible causes.

5. Stress Management – Includes methods and/or procedures in combating emotional stress. Stress is defined as a person’s physiological reaction to an inner or outer stimulus, causing temporary mental imbalance.

6. Public Health – The study of the neighborhood to ensure a safe living environment to its population.